Quick Overview of Electric Fireplace Types
Electric Fireplaces

Quick Overview of Electric Fireplace Types

Electic Fireplaces is a popular choice for use in homes, businesses and public spaces. An electric fireplace creates warmth and charm by simply burning wood and producing the appearance of flame. While this certainly is an effective method to impart a lovely feeling of warmth, it’s also quite expensive to run and necessitates natural gas, an expensive fuel supply. Modern electric fireplaces instead replace the classic fireplace with a miniature unit powered by electric energy and even gas, often mounted on a wall.

Choosing the best electric fireplace may depend on where you plan to place the unit, but there are a few features that are crucial for a great freestanding wall mounted unit. To begin with, the screen must be large enough not only to allow you to view the flames, but also to prevent others from inadvertently stepping in. The most common styles are either vented or non-vented, but it’s important to understand that some designs use both vented and non-vented options.

In a smaller home or apartment, less space is typically required for an indoor electric fireplace because the design is typically built-in. As mentioned previously, most designs are powered by electricity, and less space is required for wiring. Many designs also include a control panel or wall mounted control knob that enables you to regulate the heat output and more closely resemble the look of a real fireplace. This provides a more authentic look than any free standing model can provide. In addition, most models use a constant current source so that operating costs are reduced as much as possible.

Air Powered Fireplace: The most popular electric fireplace available on the market are the air-powered and water-based systems. Air systems use compressed air to create the heat. This is done through venting and more recently through the use of low-pressure blower systems. An air system uses an intake port in which cold air enters, while warm air passes through. The system then uses a fan or blower to move the air through the room, creating the necessary heat.

Water based systems use a tankless water heater and are the least efficient when comparing performance to electric fireplace heaters. Tankless water heaters are also safer than electric units because they do not require vents or fan exhausts. A water heater must be designed properly for the intended application to ensure proper operation, so it’s important to speak to a professional about your specific needs.

Wall Mounted Fireplace: One final option is the wall mounted electric fireplace; these units provide a permanent installation and can either be mounted on the wall or placed on a mantel above the fireplace. The mantel acts as a surface for the unit, and the TV sits on top. The advantage of the mantel is that you can move it around if you want, but since there is no built-in fan or blower, the television will not get overly hot. Another advantage of wall-mounted units is that they are usually more energy efficient than mantle units.

It is important that all Electic Fireplaces is serviced by a licensed professional. All too often, consumers end up replacing their existing heaters, only to have them break down shortly thereafter. Using a dedicated circuit, homeowners can rest assured that their electric fireplace will not short circuit or catch on fire as some other models may. Some states even require homeowners to use a dedicated circuit in their electric fireplaces. Many times, the technician can even perform the servicing along with the installation.

If you decide that a wall mounted or freestanding model is right for you, then be sure to choose the right size. Many people have difficulty finding a television that will fit into the cabinet unless it is the wrong size. Another consideration is the overall look of your fireplace. Wall-mounted units tend to look more modern and elegant, while freestanding models can give a rustic or traditional look. If you plan to buy an electric fireplace online, take some time to shop around. Not only can you compare prices, but you can also find reviews from people who have purchased similar products in the past.

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